Les Deux Gamins

Les Deux Gamins
Our Team

Benoît called Beñat

From the Landes department in France, our Chef discovered Montreal around ten years ago. He always has been a fan of the ''L'art de la table''.
He studied at home before travelling the world to gain knowledge, from Hossegor in France to Brisbane-Australia and Bristol in England. He then landed in Montreal a second time and decide to settle his Chef's knifes at the Bistro Les Deux Gamins.

Benoît called Ben

Our Maitre d'Hôtel is form Champagne. He, as well live in Montreal for almost a decade now. He learned mainly the job in Montréal at the Hotel Place d'Armes, in wich he worked as much at the Terrasse Place d'Armes, the Suite 701 and the restaurant Aix.
Then, he decide to moved and started working at Les Deux Gamins en 2012. Quickly, he is seduced by the place and start working in association with his ex-colleague Beñat, and Valerie to give an second breath to this restaurant from Prince Arhur Street.
Since 2014, his smile and gesture entertain as much as it assure our customers to spend some quality time.
He loves wine and try to satisfy every taste at every price on his wine list!


Valerie was behind the project from the begining, ten years ago. Since then, she has always been active to make the restaurant match with its reputation. After she launched the restaurant and she maintained it among the best restaurants of its category, she left to Ben and Beñat the opportunity to keep the business running.
From now on, she is in charge of the logistic, communication and relationship marketing.
As much at the restaurant than online, Valerie always make sure that our customers are happy!